Thursday, February 21, 2013

A 12th birthday party!!!

Good morning!!

I have been on a bit of a blogger hiatus for the past 3 months. Not really a conscious hiatus... life was just busy and I think I needed to decide if I wanted to continue.

So.. while I was away my baby girl turned 12. Here is peek at her birthday party. We went to Laser tag, then came back for a sleep over. (I really dislike sleepovers. I break down on occasion and let them have one. I like routine, and control so they make me crazy. Throw in too tired, cranky kids the next day.. not my thing.) I do prefer my house though.. all my people under one roof makes me sleep better. I never liked them growing up so maybe that's my problem. Every once and a while I cave.. and I'm usually glad I did.)

We are past themed parties here.. which makes me kinda sad.. but the teal and leopard  color choices were pretty cute! 

A crate paper curtain and a basement filled with balloons. Those polka dot ones are my favorite.

Our basement has a theater screen in it and has tons of potential. I haven't done anything down there since we moved in but I am slowly working on making it a cozy place courtesy of Target and antique stores!

I love details. We had coke with pizza after a couple rounds of laser tag.

 They disappeared to the basement only to come up for food. This is the pile of staying up too late that I found in the morning. They were super good though and this was one of those times I'm glad I let her have a sleep over.

We made a pancake bar for breakfast. I wish I had better pictures.. but I wasn't blogging. ;)  
peanut butter, mini chocolate chips, whipped cream, sliced bananas, blueberries and raspberries,  sprinkles (not shown) and butter. served with sausage and hot cocoa. 

(yes, I do believe there is a pancake under neath that whipped cream!)

She had a wonderful time. I can't believe my baby girl is 12, time flies. It's good to be back, see you all soon. 

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