Thursday, May 31, 2012

Are you a AM or a WANNA BE?

When I started this blog back in November I wrote an About Me page. I didn't get it on the blog until last week (because I just figured out how!) I re read it and published it. Very proud of myself. ;)

 In one of the lines about me I stated "I'm a wanna be photographer, runner, cowgirl and writer... and was a wanna be blogger.... until now." When I wrote that statement I didn't give it much thought. I am a wanna be all those things. But for some reason today it hit me. I will 37 years old in a few weeks and I am still a wanna be. It almost made me cry. I began to think.... 

I know what I want, I know where I want to go, what's stopping me?

When am I going to fulfill these dreams? When is the right time for me to be who I want to be? When will I stop making excuses? When will I make it a priority? When will I find the time? When will I stop giving up on my dreams? If not now then when?

And then I made a decision.

When needs to change to NOW. I am going to change each one of those wanna be's to an I AM.

I already bought the boots and planted the garden! ;)

I started this blog almost as a dare to myself. I had thought about it for years... and then one day I realized I could go my whole life wondering if I could, wishing I had the guts to take that first step. Having this blog has been such a wonderful, albeit at times, frustrating, overwhelming experience for me. I have learned so much. I'm not a big computer person so my trial and error has taught me more than I had imagined. I still have so much learning to go. I am slowly working up towards telling people I actually know in person I have a blog. The fear of them hearing and seeing inside my head and world is scaring me a little less each day. I have more people looking at my blog each day than I ever imagined. 

I guess, I am at a point in my life where being afraid, embarrassed or intimidated is no longer an option.

So are you an AM or a WANNA BE?  What have you always wanted to do? Be? Accomplish? When is it going to be a good time?

Today is my time. I had better go get started.  ~Shelby

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I'm linking up with Lindsey for WIWW again today and can I just say....

Thank goodness for a tri pod! My gosh it makes this process so much easier and faster! (thanks Scott :)!)

day #1 I can't remember what I did!!

jeans~LA IDOL, cami~ViVue, cardi~ Ann Taylor (forever ago Christmas gift from my husband)
shoes~ Maddens from TJ Maxx, necklace~ Cookie Lee (is that even around anymore? This baby is 10 years old I bet)

day#2 Grocery store and errands

jeans~ yep, you guessed it... LA Idol, tee~Old Navy, Sweater~ i LOOK basic from local shop, belt/scarf~ gift from brother, necklace~ from high school, black flats~ Payless shoes, Silver hoop earrings~ Ann Taylor

* note that I did change into a black Old Navy tank top after seeing my sleeves in this picture. ;)

Somehow over the next few days I only got the top of me with my cell phone.... ???

day#3 lunch with the girls and Maddie's wax museum at school

Blue cardi~ CABI, orange tank~Old Navy, necklace~Target, Ring~ jewelry show at friend house, scarf~ from my brother once again... he sends them from Denmark, they always fit! ;)

Day #4 worked in the garden and showered to go visit my in-laws... horrible picture!

 Little Miss Sunshine Tee~ 50% off rack at Target.

Day #5 cleaning and laundry, hanging out with the boy, wing date with Scott.

Lite Brite Tee~ Old Navy

Honestly though, I do this because it helps me stay inspired and  keeps me out of the same old ~ same old. I remember I just wore that striped yellow top and try to find something new. That blue sweater on day #1 I have not worn in YEARS... WIWW and my pinterest style board helped me see it differently.

Just because I stay home doesn't mean I'm not worth the extra time and money to get dressed in something cute! ;) Thanks you to The Pleated Poppy for the inspiring all us Mommas! Be sure to check out some of her other linkers too!!

Happy WIWW!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hello Monday on Tuesday!

Hello Tuesday morning. Linking up with Lisa Leonard's Hello Monday on Tuesday!!

Hello Maddie's Wax Museum at school, Hello Walt Disney, you are cuter than ever! Hello to my baby girl giving a speech in front of the whole school and 25 parents! Hello brave girl!

Hello Memorial day USA crispy treats, my you were yummy!

Hello City Gate, serving breakfast to those less fortunate, Hello proud Momma.

Hello Garden!! so excited to watch you grow!

Hello visit to Grandma and Grandpas house.. hello silly kids passing time.

Hello special delivery from The Pleated Poppy, oh how I love thee...

Hello date with my kids on their day off. Hello pet store, hello little piggies and ducks, I wanted to take you home with me.

 Hello yummy Mexican lunch, hello to I ate too many chips with 4 dips.

Hello treadmill to work off those chips and dips today! ;)

 Hello visit to the cemetery. Hello to remembering why we get to do all these wonderful little thing. Hello to why why have the day off.

Hello Summer Vacation sweet boy! Hello to watching Duck Dynasty at 9am on a Tuesday morning. 

Hello Tuesday..... Hello laundry, hello gardening and hello cleaning house.

 Hello attempt to schedule myself to blog, exercise, do my chores,  be Wife and Momma and get my fun projects done. I can do all those things and do them all well,  right? 

Happy Tuesday!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

These are the days

Linking with Life Rearranged for InstaFriday. A photo freak like myself I'm in love with instagram!  Most photos are from there. Follow me if you like, I'm shelbyjojo7.

Here is my week in pictures!!

friday morning this little cutie got her braces off. phase 1 is done... we wait for some teeth to grow in and we are onto phase 2.. full mouth.

before                                                                          after

dinner was corn on the cob, she missed that and whole apples the most because she is a cheater and ate everything else she wasn't suppose to! except chewy candy, we bought cinnamon bears and gummy bears too. I only ate a few.... handfuls... glad i finished them all of tonight so i don't have to feel guilty anymore, they are 2 my favorite candies.

after our super quick dinner we were off to a friday night soccer game... and 3 more over the tournament weekend!!

 we had a bite from jimmy johns in between. yummy stuff.

finished with a soccer party sunday night with pizza, trophies and smores!

been trying to get my jogging in... i love to do it, just have to get back in my groove. that's the hard part! 

 this is one my favorite breakfasts!
rolled oats, plain greek yogurt, almond milk, diced mango (or berries, what ever I have on hand really ) chopped almonds, and some agave nectar. this is so yummy!! 

went to hu hot for dinner, conner was leaving on a class trip the next day and my roast in the crock pot wasn't the send off he wanted... i know he is having a ball... but i like all my people in the same place to sleep. if i'm gone and away from them it is different somehow. i miss them but when i am home and i know they aren't asleep all safe and snug in their rooms it feels not right to me. anyone else feel that way? he is back today and i am thrilled! 

with the boy gone i took mads to get blu berry before the american idol finale. (philip is a doll and i'm happy.)  i let her sit in the front seat. shhh... don't tell! she is only 11 and a shorty, i am well aware this is against the law... it wasn't far and i drove extra careful! ;) i found this picture on my phone later... she makes me happy!

i have been making popcorn on my stove a lot lately. some olive oil, salt and popcorn is all it takes. wasn't there some story about how they found harmful chemicals in microwave popcorn? this is delish, i could eat it everyday, plus i think it's cool when it pops the lid up....simple things entertain me! ;)

i ordered boots! they arrived from nordstroms yesterday and i love them but they are really stiff which makes them uncomfortable in the ankle area... any suggestions?

aren't they fabulous!!?

with conner gone and scott playing poker last night, maddie and i decided to do a little shopping and get some dinner

isn't she the cutest.. coolest 11 year old i know!

we shop very well.... hope scott won at poker. ;)

old navy is having some great sales, target is, well, target! and tj maxx always gets me in trouble....

this handsome fellow from tj maxx has not made it to check out with me twice before! i decided it was meant to be that he was the last one and didn't pass him up a third time! fate i tell you! he's gonna be fabulous on my mantel. i'm  lightening and brightening the family room for summer.

the rest of my week has been trying to catch up, on all my chores. we have a fun weekend planned.  i will have my boy home starting next week. maddie still has school through the 15th. on the home stretch! yipee! i love summer vacation!

have a great weekend! ~shelby

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dutch Babies

These are another recipe from my neighbors front steps. Dutch Babies are sometimes called German Pancakes or a Dutch Puff. It puff sup all light and fluffy and then  the middle falls to so it is dense and gooey. They have a velvety butter flavor and are sweet but not to sweet. Maddie loves them best sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.  It is so not low calorie yet so delicious!! Plus it a snap to prepare. 

Dutch Babies

4 eggs beaten
1 c. milk
1 c. flour
1 tsp. cinnamon
1tsp. vanilla
1/4 c. sugar
1/4 c. butter 

Mix all ingredients except butter in large bowl. Preheat oven to 425* place 1/4 c. butter in a pie plate our square pan. (this is our dutch baby pie plate, my husband brought it for me in Las Vegas of all places. I adore it and have never made them in anything else.)

Place in oven while it preheats to melt the butter. Remove  from oven when butter is melted and pour in the batter. The sides will start to cook right away.

 Return to the oven and bake about 20 minutes or until golden brown.

Slice and serve with syrup, powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, fresh fruit or preserves.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

It's Wednesday so I'm linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy to get myself out of yoga pants and into real clothes. I know I said last week I set up the tripod and promised better pictures... but it has been crazy town around here!! The boys last 2 weeks of school and lots of soccer... this Momma has been busy!

 I did get some OK cell phone pictures though. Most pictures I took right before I got into my jammies!! Next week I will kick it up a notch.. pinky swear!!! Maybe I will have Conner be my photographer! I'm sure he'd love that! ;)

Green polka dot top~ Old Navy, Jeans~ Gap, Flip flops~ Old Navy:

Black tee ~ Target, Scar f~ TJ Maxx, Capri's ~ Old Navy, black flats ~Payless (in Shopko):

Brown tank~Target, Pink Tank~ TJ Maxx, bird necklace~Vi Vue

Yellow top~Old Navy 

Tee~ TJ Maxx, Sweater~ Old Navy (super old) Scarf/ belt~ gift from brother.

Happy Wednesday! ~Shelby

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Farm Fresh Eggs

 My neighbor  has about 30-40 chickens and whenever we need eggs I send one of the kids over with money and our egg basket. The other night I walked over with Maddie to get eggs for breakfast. There is something simple and almost peaceful about going and collecting your own eggs.

It was a beautiful night...

The barn..

She also has a huge, beautiful garden

Meet a few of the girls....

The black and white ones are my favorites.

this girl is busy..

Maddie and I collected eggs. I was so impressed at how she moves around that barn, she owns that place. I think she is a wanna be cowgirl like her Momma! She knows exactly what to do in there and isn't the least bit intimidated.

                                                               simple and beautiful...

We took them all to the office and did a tally..
We  collected 34 eggs. I should have brought my big egg basket!!

We left our $4.00 and left with a dozen fresher than fresh eggs!!

I know some of you are gasping that we spend $4.00 a dozen on eggs. Let me tell you, these are no ordinary eggs. The come from the chicken to my kitchen.

 You can see and taste the difference. Fresh organic eggs have a clearer white and a bright orange yolk. The taste is amazing. They are fresh, I know that the chickens have adequate space, clean environment, are feed well and cared for. I would purchase organic eggs at the grocery store for around $3 and they would not be as fresh as these. I buy all my animal products organic. Milk, eggs and meat always, most of my dairy is organic but cost wise I can't do it all. I do make sure my dairy is from cows not treated with the rBST hormone. "They" say it makes no difference, but... I don't want any artificial hormones in my families diet if at all possible.

I'm sure it grosses some people out that my eggs are just left in a basket on my kitchen counter. Let me explain.... 

Eggs stay fresher if you don't wash them at all. When hens lay eggs, there is a natural coating on them called the "bloom" that helps keep out bacteria. When you wash eggs, you drive some bacteria in through the pores of the shell, so you really shouldn't wash them at all. If the nests are clean, your eggs should be clean.  I do wash our eggs right before using. 
Fresh eggs don't even need to be refrigerated if they're going to be used soon. They can be kept at room temperature. Refrigeration will keep them fresher longer, but we eat our eggs rather quickly.

I make the kids eggs most mornings before school and we always have boiled eggs in the refrigerator for my salads, Conner and I eat boiled eggs for snacks or a quick breakfast. I do keep boiled eggs in the refrigerator.

Thanks for visiting the farm with me today! ~Shelby