Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What I wore Wednesday

Welcome to What I wore Wednesday!  I link up with The Pleated Poppy, where we get out of our yoga pants and sweats and into real clothes!! 

I finally decided (with my sweet husbands help) set up the tripod.  I know it will make for better photos next week!  Hopefully I will remember to snap those photos too, I seem to be forgetting! 

Day#1 Mother's Day

Only pictures I have from Mother's day outfit. I'm not loving how big this outfit  makes me look... I thought I looked good while I was wearing it!! ;)

Dress~ Ann Taylor, Cardi~ TJ Maxx, Necklaces~ Las Vegas jewelry show, Bracelets ~ Target, Ring~ Ferrante's local shop, Shoes~ Shopko, new (I <3!! ) sunglasses TJ Maxx

Day#2 Volunteer at Conner's school (even though he was home sick!), Maddie's music program

tee~ Ann Taylor, capri's ~ LA Idol, shoes~ Shopko, belt~ Shopko, Owl necklace & cross necklace~ Park Lane, ring~ friends jewelry party, bracelet ~ got on  trip to Mexico, white necklace~  Las Vegas jewelry show

Happy Wednesday! ~Shelby


  1. blue is so pretty on you! I would totally wear that dress... love it.


  2. Thanks! Sometimes when I see these WIWW pictures I think, "Do I really look like that!!?" The camera adds 10 pounds, right?!


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