Thursday, May 3, 2012

Best boy books

My boy is a reader. He reads alot and he reads fast. He started reading late, according to the school. Towards the end of second grade he caught on he was hooked. It is not rare to find him doing this...

I too am a lover of books. I thought I could share a few segments on my favorites for myself, girls, boys, little ones, and cookbooks.

Today I will start with books my boy is loving now and a few that got him reading. I will not tell you what ages I think they are for. Check them out at the book store or on Amazon. Every child is different and not reading at the same pace. I for one am tired of kids being told where they "should" be academically. So there! I have tried to put them in some order. I have so many ideas I did not link them all to Amazon as I had hoped. But you know the laundry still needs to be done... so... I made the pictures bigger! That way you can search them yourself. Ha! I'm clever like that.

As Conner has gotten older I have worried a bit about the material he is reading, I know they up the sex, language and violence. I came across this website that I have found super helpful when saying yes or no to a series. 

This site rates a book on sexual content, language, violence and even, alcohol reference. Plus it tells you exactly why and where in the book it got the rating it did. This way you can use your own judgment and are sure you are sticking with your families values.  Love this lady! She's part of the village it takes to raise great kids I tell you!

We started here.......

These are what really helped Conner learn to read, these and an AMAZING teacher. I highly recommend them for beginning reads.

  Magic Tree House
Once Conner became a confident reader books were his favorite, He read every one. I have kept them for Conner's kids. And because they remind me off that little 1st grade boy, with teeth missing. They are a perfect read for little boys with big imaginations.

Ralph S. Mouse Series by Beverly Cleary, Mr. Popper's Penguins, E. B. White books are my favorites Stuart Little,  Trumpet of the Swan and my all time favorite book ever, Charlotte's Web. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane was a book I read to the kids. The Little Auto by Lois Lenski  is adorable. We must have read it a million times. Where the Sidewalk Ends.. a classic.

 My Father's Dragon was another favorite.

Swindle, Zoobreak, Mr. Chickee's Funny Money, And the ever popular Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series.

These are all ones he has read in the past. Hatchet and the Peter and the Starcatchers stand out as favorites.

 I can honestly say I have not read a single Harry Potter book, but Conner loved them! The Rangers Apprentice and The Percy Jackson Series were popular too. Number the Stars was a good one for my history buff. (not shown because it is at school for a report on Denmark)

Both of the other Hunger Games books are on loan. Mocking Jay is #3, I think. The content is disturbing but we loved them. The Last Lecture by the late Randy Pausch was a book I read and thought Conner might enjoy. He loved it and it is such a powerful message about life. You will see it again on my favorite books!

Pendragon Series
He got the first few of these for Christmas and was hooked. He did say they got kind of weird though.

These are hit no matter how old they are.

This one was a must have in the 3rd grade.

These are so great! They have Girl ones too. They teach you how to tie knots, do cart wheels, make invisible ink, all sorts of great to know, fun, useful stuff. Conner was going to run away from home one day years ago. He packed this book, a flashlight and his blanket. He only made it to the mail boxes. :)

And last but not least. The train catalog. Conner and my Dad (Boppo we call him) LOVE trains. Conner has been scouring over these Walther's train catalog since he was probably 2 years old. He still loves them.

Conner actually has a learning disability, because if this, something he finds difficult is to put what he knows or thinks down on paper. If he reads the book for a book report I will then read it too, so I can help him organize this thoughts and I know what questions to ask him. This is how we can achieve an actual report that is cohesive and makes sense. So, many of the books I have actually read myself. I plan on telling you all about my wonderful little man and his journey soon.

Any questions or new book suggestions for my boy I'd love to hear them!! Read on! ~Shelby

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