Friday, May 4, 2012

These are the days,

Here is a glimpse of what's been going on around here. I did some Hobby Lobby this week... and some TJ Maxx. Love both those places!! I got to many treasures to show you! I also hit and estate sale!  Did some window shopping at the Hob Lob.. (Maddie hates it when I call it that) for dining room chair ideas...

What do ya think? I'm thinking arm chairs in one on the left and side chairs in the middle? one on the right.. not sure I'm lovin.

I also got this great pillow at TJ Maxx, how great is that pillow with my red walls!?

I had lots of coffee out of my new mug.. horrible phone photo but it's super cute, trust me!! ;) Did you know coffee tastes even better in a fabulous mug? It does, true story.


Boy wonder mowed the lawn, he does a good job even though I'm always afraid he'll crash into something gawking around at shiny objects. I love how green everything is getting! Yeah, he is a serious goof ball, look at that face!


found this note, still stuck to his book case from like 2 weeks ago.. he actually does a pretty good job keeping his room picked up.. told me he left it as a reminder for when he wanted to shove something under there.. do you think he stops to read that first, like ever? I think he was to lazy to throw it away... or he never even saw it to begin with! AHHH boys! :)


My baby girl shaved he legs!! Sadly I have no picture of her... she is 11, so you understand...

I got me a new cookbook for $4!!! TJ Maxx I love you! I have a bit of a cookbook obsession. I have way to many, but I love them!! I checked this one out while watching American Idol last night... 

and can I just say "WHAT?!!!!?" I think Skylar is adorable and being a wanna be country girl myself, I was not happy with America's decision to send her home!!!. However I did not vote... so I don't get to complain, right? Man, I love all her cute cowboy boots!! 

Conner coached Maddie on how to catch a baseball.He was so patient and full of praise for her efforts. You know when they aren't fighting over who gets to sit in which chair or who gets to talk to Dad on the phone first,  or better yet what we are going to listen to in the car... (sometimes I want to bash the radio in, seriously.) they are pretty cool kids. I'm so proud and grateful to be their Momma, even when they bicker over who was the first to roll down the window when we hit our drive way... seriously... they fight over this one daily. Some days are worse than others and some days.. they love each other ALL day!!

Maddie decided we should have a prayer list. She got the idea from a friends house. I plan on making some amazing little crafty project where we can write them all down but for now it's on the chalkboard. We include these people in our prayers each night. 

Maddie's class went on a field trip this past week, we added the last one because the "popular" boys wouldn't let another boy sit with them on the bus. She often tells me she feels bad for this little boy because he doesn't fit in, has no friends and kids are mean to him. It breaks my heart to think about how he feels lying in bed at night.....and how his mommy feels. We all just want to be loved and accepted, and we all want that for our children most of all.

I am proud that she notices and will often stick up for a child being left out or picked on. That takes guts. 

No.... my kids are not perfect, I know they do wrong and do not always act kind and acceptable... I'm sure sometimes they go along with the crowd and stand back and say nothing, they are kids, heck most adults do that... but I also know more times than not they are kind and respectful. 

After we prayed for all the left out kids out there, Maddie said she bet someday those boys would regret being so mean. I'm pretty sure they will. Don't we all have someone we wish we'd have stuck up for, or included or simply smiled at? 

I have always told my kids......

 They do not have to be friends with everyone, but they must treat everyone with kindness and respect, especially the people who don't seem to deserve it or the ones who don't quite fit in, because they are the ones who need it the most. 

Wish everyone told their kiddos that... and reminded them of it often. I will get off my soap box for today! 

Have an amazing weekend! We have a busy one!~Shelby


  1. I love your chair fabric selection LOVE! And yes, coffee always tastes divine in a pretty mug. ;-)

  2. Oh good.. now I just need to get the project done!

    Ross and TJ Maxx fuel my mug addiction... at $3.99 you can't say no to a cute mug! Or anything else for that matter, that's why I somehow rarely walk out of those places paying under $50!


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