Monday, May 21, 2012

HELLO Monday!!

I recently came across Lisa Leonard's Hello Monday.

Welcome to my first HELLO MONDAY!

HELLO laundry
We are going to get you all clean and put away finally!

HELLO garden
Pray for clear, blue skies so we can get you ready to get your grow on!

HELLO last week of school for Conner!
Hello to no lunches, homework and the before and after school pick up drop off loop, I will miss you... but am also glad to say good bye for now.

HELLO workout
let's get back together K?

HELLO beautiful  blender
Let's meet more often this week, shall we?

HELLO gallery wall
We are going to get you finished once and for all!

HELLO Cowgirl
Let's go buy some boots.... any of these will do.

HELLO ferns

We are going to make you more comfortable in your new home.

HELLO Monday!! It's going to be a great, productive week! ~Shelby


  1. you should buy some boots. they are sassy and awesome.

    happy monday!

    1. Thanks Denise! I ordered some boots yesterday!! Happy Tuesday to you! Thanks for stopping by! Come again! ~Shelby

  2. I had to say a big 'hello' to laundry today too! It's never-ending, lol! Those boots on the end, with the roses, are darling! I say go for it!

    1. The post should have been Hello Tuesday because all I got accomplished is to order some boots! That laundry is still waiting for me!! But.... I have cute boots on the way! priorities! ;) ~Shelby

  3. I've been ignoring my laundry for a long time. Trying to cordially but begrudingly say hello today.

    1. I usually try to do at least a load a day to stay on top of it but... I have been a slacker. It is out of control! I better get to it soon or I will have to go buy my family clean underwear! Thanks for stopping by Rae! Come again! ~Shelby


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