Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hello Monday on Tuesday!

Hello Tuesday morning. Linking up with Lisa Leonard's Hello Monday on Tuesday!!

Hello Maddie's Wax Museum at school, Hello Walt Disney, you are cuter than ever! Hello to my baby girl giving a speech in front of the whole school and 25 parents! Hello brave girl!

Hello Memorial day USA crispy treats, my you were yummy!

Hello City Gate, serving breakfast to those less fortunate, Hello proud Momma.

Hello Garden!! so excited to watch you grow!

Hello visit to Grandma and Grandpas house.. hello silly kids passing time.

Hello special delivery from The Pleated Poppy, oh how I love thee...

Hello date with my kids on their day off. Hello pet store, hello little piggies and ducks, I wanted to take you home with me.

 Hello yummy Mexican lunch, hello to I ate too many chips with 4 dips.

Hello treadmill to work off those chips and dips today! ;)

 Hello visit to the cemetery. Hello to remembering why we get to do all these wonderful little thing. Hello to why why have the day off.

Hello Summer Vacation sweet boy! Hello to watching Duck Dynasty at 9am on a Tuesday morning. 

Hello Tuesday..... Hello laundry, hello gardening and hello cleaning house.

 Hello attempt to schedule myself to blog, exercise, do my chores,  be Wife and Momma and get my fun projects done. I can do all those things and do them all well,  right? 

Happy Tuesday!!

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