Friday, May 11, 2012

These are the days...

Good Friday morning! I have a busy day! Mother's tea at Conner's school, then of to Trek at Maddie's school.   Then off to a date with my hubby! Here are my little moments from the week.

warm weather has my kids outside alot. Water balloons are a big hit....

They have quite the operation going..

Soccer is winding down. I'm relieved and sad all at the same time.. I love to watch my kids play.
Little miss is the one with pink on her shoes... shocker right?

I LOVE driving these girls to practice. Their giggles and conversations make me happy. I will miss this when the season ends.

Conner and I tested his recipe for his worlds fair at school. We made a danish dessert, that is kinda like a poptart. I'll share the recipe later. How cute is he!? And taller that me!! (doesn't take much to be taller than me though!)

This boy has been BUSY!! With so much to do and so many due dates we made a calendar. 

I started planning for our summer, I LOVE summer vacation! I print off calendars so I can see what's happening and what we can fit where. I also make lots of lists, schedules, and fun stuff we must do. I'll share all my OCD on summer next week! I know you are dying to here all about it!

These kids are 2 extremes lately, either enjoying each other so much I am delighted, OR driving each other over the edge... which then makes mom go over the edge! We have had many discussions about why God gave them to each other other, and it wasn't to have someone to fight with! Every time they say in unison, all sing songy "to support each other, to love each other and because he doesn't want us to have to walk this world alone. Yeah, OK, sorry." When they fight in a public place I make them hold hands... that stops them immediately!

Well, that is about it! I have been working on finishing up some projects. Hope to be able to show a few next week. Have a fabulous Mother's Day! I have a special Sunday post so be sure to check back between your breakfast in bed and your foot massage! 

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