Monday, May 14, 2012

These are the days ~ Mother's day edition!

What a wonderful Mother's day weekend I had!  Yes, it started on Friday with A Mother's day celebration at Conner's school. Complete with a slide show... {gulp} they always make me cry!!

Finished Friday with date night! I <3 date nights!

Saturday my baby girl was goalie at her soccer game, for the first time ever!!! I was so proud of her! She let 3 get by but stopped 2! I told her how great it was she got the first time out of the way and next time it would be easier.... her reply " OH noooo, there will be no next time, way too much pressure!"  We'll see....

Woke up on Sunday to breakfast in bed with my favorite people and some fun little gifts~

I got spoiled~

Had a beautiful Mother's day brunch, complete with a yummy Bloody Mary!~

and a Shirley Temple for the cutest girl EVER!~

Then was off to buy flowers for my pots... a Mother's Day tradition~

We started getting the garden ready~

And a got a start on the patio~

But.... I'm still Mom so I spent some time helping finish a poster for History~ 

Finished the day with BBQ Cheeseburgers, a trip for frozen yogurt, and a beautiful Mother's day sky~

I'm all rested up and ready to get back to work!

Hope your Mother's day was amazing! ~Shelby

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