Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weed or Flower?

We had a beautiful day yesterday so instead of heading to the gym I decided to take Doyle out for for a run  jog. While running  jogging along a wooded trail by my house I noticed so many pretty flowers. It got me thinking about a discussion we had earlier in the week. What makes a flower a weed? or What makes a weed a flower? Many weeds have beautiful flowers, and what a bout wildflowers? Are they just weeds? I googled it and found that there are many answers. Most common one is a weed is something that grows with out you planting it and with out you wanting it there.
Here a few pictures I took with my phone on my way back from my run jog.  ;)

These are all "weeds" and all growing wild in the woods around our house. So.... I think I have decided  whether a weed or flower is in the eye of the beholder, or the hands of the weeder.Every child thinks dandelions are flowers. Who didn't give a bouquet of dandelions as a child? What Mommy hasn't received them clutched proudly in chubby toddler hands?

We are trained to see them as weeds. 


What flowers do you consider weeds? How do you decide the difference?

Happy Tuesday! ~Shelby


  1. Anything that flowers IS A flower,there is a bit of snobbery in the gardening world, usually by new inexperienced 'gardeners' who don't have a clue!

    1. Thanks for your comment!! I agree... some of my favorite flowers are "weeds"! I'm so glad you stopped by! Have a fabulous day!


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