Friday, May 25, 2012

These are the days

Linking with Life Rearranged for InstaFriday. A photo freak like myself I'm in love with instagram!  Most photos are from there. Follow me if you like, I'm shelbyjojo7.

Here is my week in pictures!!

friday morning this little cutie got her braces off. phase 1 is done... we wait for some teeth to grow in and we are onto phase 2.. full mouth.

before                                                                          after

dinner was corn on the cob, she missed that and whole apples the most because she is a cheater and ate everything else she wasn't suppose to! except chewy candy, we bought cinnamon bears and gummy bears too. I only ate a few.... handfuls... glad i finished them all of tonight so i don't have to feel guilty anymore, they are 2 my favorite candies.

after our super quick dinner we were off to a friday night soccer game... and 3 more over the tournament weekend!!

 we had a bite from jimmy johns in between. yummy stuff.

finished with a soccer party sunday night with pizza, trophies and smores!

been trying to get my jogging in... i love to do it, just have to get back in my groove. that's the hard part! 

 this is one my favorite breakfasts!
rolled oats, plain greek yogurt, almond milk, diced mango (or berries, what ever I have on hand really ) chopped almonds, and some agave nectar. this is so yummy!! 

went to hu hot for dinner, conner was leaving on a class trip the next day and my roast in the crock pot wasn't the send off he wanted... i know he is having a ball... but i like all my people in the same place to sleep. if i'm gone and away from them it is different somehow. i miss them but when i am home and i know they aren't asleep all safe and snug in their rooms it feels not right to me. anyone else feel that way? he is back today and i am thrilled! 

with the boy gone i took mads to get blu berry before the american idol finale. (philip is a doll and i'm happy.)  i let her sit in the front seat. shhh... don't tell! she is only 11 and a shorty, i am well aware this is against the law... it wasn't far and i drove extra careful! ;) i found this picture on my phone later... she makes me happy!

i have been making popcorn on my stove a lot lately. some olive oil, salt and popcorn is all it takes. wasn't there some story about how they found harmful chemicals in microwave popcorn? this is delish, i could eat it everyday, plus i think it's cool when it pops the lid up....simple things entertain me! ;)

i ordered boots! they arrived from nordstroms yesterday and i love them but they are really stiff which makes them uncomfortable in the ankle area... any suggestions?

aren't they fabulous!!?

with conner gone and scott playing poker last night, maddie and i decided to do a little shopping and get some dinner

isn't she the cutest.. coolest 11 year old i know!

we shop very well.... hope scott won at poker. ;)

old navy is having some great sales, target is, well, target! and tj maxx always gets me in trouble....

this handsome fellow from tj maxx has not made it to check out with me twice before! i decided it was meant to be that he was the last one and didn't pass him up a third time! fate i tell you! he's gonna be fabulous on my mantel. i'm  lightening and brightening the family room for summer.

the rest of my week has been trying to catch up, on all my chores. we have a fun weekend planned.  i will have my boy home starting next week. maddie still has school through the 15th. on the home stretch! yipee! i love summer vacation!

have a great weekend! ~shelby


  1. I cheated when I wore braces as a kid too! I can't blame her. She looks great. I'm just waiting - I think both of my kids are going to need them. The popcorn looks yummy. Love it on the stove!

    1. I'm sure I cheated too when I had them! Some of the stuff they say you can't have is just too hard to stay away from! Same reason I have a hard time sticking to a diet!! ;) Thank you for following!


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