Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Linking up with  The Pleated Poppy again today. Getting out of my stay at home mom clothes (yoga pants) and into real clothes. Including an accessory or two!! Still working on the picture quality, the last two are hardly worth showing :(

Day 1
Errands and chores,  casual day.

please excuse my dirty mirror ;)
jeans~LA Idol, tee~Macy's, Junk Food hoodie~ Nordstrom Rack, shoes~ Gap, hat~ Farm Chicks Show

Day 2 (taken with phone, that usually takes pretty good pictures but is all fuzzy lately?)
Field Day at Conner's school

sweater~ Steve and Barry's super old, tank~ Old Navy jeans~Gap, shoes~Gap 

Day 3 (I promise no more phone pictures!)
Lunch and errands

dress~ Ross, boots~ Target

 I promise I won't put you through these horrible pictures anymore! If I can't get it together I will stop all together!! ;)

 Have a great day! Half way through the week! YAY! ~Shelby

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