Friday, June 8, 2012

These are the days...

Happy Friday!!

Linking up with Life Rearranged for Insta Friday. Were we share or cell phone pictures from the week. Be sure and check out the other linkers as well. It is a great way to find bloggers you have alot in common with.

You may notice I tweaked my blogs name a bit. I have found there is another blog with my name and she had it first!Her blog is beautiful and she is absolutly not a newbie like me!!
So I changed it a little trying to keep it cohesive with my URL.

So welcome to my perfectly imperfect world!! Please check out the real original Perfectly Imperfect here.

Having the boy home this week has meant I get to enjoy his constant company... I really have, he is funny. It has also means I get his help around the house more, I really am blessed he is an agreeable teen. He was pretty proud of his salad he made for dinner.

Sadly our weather has been all cold, dark, windy and rainy. If you can't read that picture on the left is says it is 39 degrees out side!! That is cold!! I moved my plants out to catch some of the rain showers. I could at least save myself some time by letting Mother Nature do my watering...

I'm am trying to stick up my chin and grin and say .. that the sun will come out tomorrow... but... I'm not sure It is in the forecast

Speaking of The sun will come out tomorrow... clever aren't I?

We went to see Maddie's little friend in a production of Annie. Little Sophia was Annie and she is amazing. She has been trying out for plays on Broadway and has gotten many call backs. I believe she will be a big star someday. She just began home schooling earlier this year so she and Mads were delighted to see each other. It was fun to see the play too. One of my all time favorites. And yes I will be singing all day... ;)

And of course we had to get a little Blu Berry before the show. 

Hit the cereal sale and stocked up on cereal, fruit snacks and nutri grain bars. The boy usually isn't with me... it's cheaper with out him. But at $1.79 a box for cereal you can't go wrong!

See the Starbucks drinks in there. I bought them for the bottles.. not sure who is going to drink them all, they have to many points. :(  I dumped them in a pitcher. May use a touch in my morning coffee?

I will show you what I am doing with those bottles and 2 other  things I have been working on  next week.

The weekend we will be celebrating Conner report card with dinner of his choice, cleaning up the shop, and  hopefully finish the patio, if the sun comes out! ;)  I will be sure and show you before and afters of this shop disaster I have!

 I weigh in today, so send me good weight loss vibes!!

Have a fabulous weekend! ~Shelby


  1. Hi Shelby! Hope you had a good weekend!

    I am catching up today; was out all day Friday for my son's 8th grade graduation, then the beach!! Anyway - busy busy weekend, all good!

    I too LOVE to spend time with my son, he is great! Must be something about those first born boys :))

    Have a great week!

  2. Hi Tiffany! I don't know... I have friends who don't really like their first born teenage boys at all... I think we are good mommas! Sounds like you had a fun weekend. This my daughters last week of school so busy week here!


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