Friday, June 29, 2012

These are the days

Happy Friday! I'm linking up with Life Rearranged for Instafriday. Be sure and stop by her blog to check out what the rest of blogland has been up to!

Here's what's been going on in my world this week...

Saturday Maddie and I had top ramen and watched all of the Design Stars on Demand.... 
I like Hilary, and Rachael, maybe Britney. You?

My baby blogger made dessert... vanilla pudding in cute little jars... and of course she took pictures! ;)

Sunday went to Nickleback concert with Mr. PI (Perfectly Imperfect).

I had way too much laundry to put away... I hate it when I procrastinate, don't you!?

My car had to go into the shop so my Dad took us to lunch. I love this new place.. I love the atmosphere, love the neat bottle of ice cold water they leave on the table... 

love the old fashioned root beer in a bottle, the Caesar salad with a hard boiled egg smear, sounds gross but it was amazing,  and the sweet and spicy shrimp.. yummm... I will definitely go back!

This boy has been on the go, he rides his bike like crazy... here he is waiting for a text where to meet friends, wearing his bike helmet... he makes me laugh!!

A quick appetizer, drink and pull tabs with Mr. PI... good times.

Family walk after dinner, I love those!

Scott played poker and Conner was at a friends so Mads and I had spaghetti tacos for dinner, yep, nuthin' but a spaghetti taco and a side of spaghetti. The spaghetti tacos are from the Nickelodeon show i Carly. They are surprisingly good, for reals.

I stubbed my baby toe and I'm pretty sure the toe nail is ripped off. It bled like crazy and hurts like no other..

That's all folks! I will be hobbling around here this weekend with a house full of company!! 

Have a fabulous weekend!! Thanks for stopping by! ~Shelby


  1. Love your little girl taking pictures of her dessert, funny my husband and I were just talking about Nickleback last night and my laundry looks the same!!
    Happy Weekend!

    1. My reply to you came out as a comment to myself!! It is right below Tiffany's comment!! Sorry!! ;)

  2. Hey Shelby! I LOVE eating lunch out - well any meal out is great! That lunch looks yummy!

    sorry about your toe - I seem to stub my toes ALL the time and it does hurt like a you know what!

    Have a great weekend!

    1. I love food. period. It is a real problem sometimes!! ;)

      I no longer think we need to amputate my poor little toe, I'm gonna live! It does still hurt like a you know what though!!

      Great weekend to you too! ~Shelby

  3. I'm so glad I'm not alone on the laundry thing! I have no idea why I find it so difficult to get it put away sometimes! Nickleback put on a great show and the people watching was fantastic!! Have a fabulous weekend!.... And Happy Anniversary! You have such a sweet little family!

  4. I have two loads waiting for me to fold on my bed right now too. UGH! I love ramen--it's so salty but yummy too.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Carolyn! I love comments! ;) Isn't a bowl of ramen such a treat!! Have a fabulous weekend!

  5. Aghh,! We don't have Design Stars here in Australia. I had to Google the show to see what it was about. Glad you and Mr PI enjoyed Nickleback. It looks like you a little photographer in the making.


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