Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Finding the Perfect in the Imperfect

My post yesterday was all about my pantry. I felt a little embarrassed, showing my pantry, it certainly doesn't look like those magazine perfect pantries you see on pinterest, or other blogs. It isn't any ones dream pantry. Nothing to drool over, probably nothing even blog worthy. But here's the thing, my life isn't perfectly perfect. I have unfinished rooms, piles that seem to reappear as soon as they disappear. I have big ideas for my house that will take me years to accomplish, not to mention to save for. But somehow this undone, mismatch, wish it was, will be some day, work in progress life is enough.

It's funny, this crazy competition we all take part in, sometimes with out even realizing it. We strive to be good enough, to have a pantry that is blog worthy, and the house that others will pin as their inspiration, when we should just be proud of and embrace what we have. We should be making our lives perfect for us, not to keep up with the Jones's, because quite frankly if we were to ever really got inside Mrs. Jones's closed doors, we would realize that she has problems, she has messes, and she is probably comparing her pantry to the  lady next door.

I'm not saying we shouldn't strive for better, we should. But we should not feel inadequate if we don't ever achieve better. Sometimes good enough really is good enough and sometimes better should get trumped by something more important. And sometimes we need to just step back and look at our pantries and say, "I like my pantry, perfect or not, it is mine and it is good enough. Just like me and just like you.

So, will I attempt to make all my baskets match in that perfect enough pantry? Yep! But until I do I will  love that pantry just the same. Sort of like I will love myself just the same.  I know I could be better in every aspect of my life, but I also now I'm pretty awsome just as I am.

Tell yourself you are enough today, tell your pantry, tell your kids, tell Mrs. Jones. And then make them all believe it.

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