Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PURGE PARTY~ the office

I am a tidy person by nature. I like things orderly and neat. I am a huge fan of organization;  list, schedules and charts make me happy. I think this is both a blessing and a curse.

I feel like order calms the mind, and makes for a calmer rhythm in your life. I know that if I am stressed by messes and chores undone I am not the mommy or wife I want to be. I believe that most, if not all, children thrive in an environment that is calm, clean and clutter free. I am a cleaner upper all day. I so dislike not being able to find things!

I tend to "lose it" when my house isn't in order. While this has improved, I still become a bit edgy when the house is a mess and the chores aren't done. This is usually when I begin the lecture on my beloved family not taking care of their stuff. It is typically after a few weeks of our lives being busier than I like. As I have said before... I enjoy a slower pace and believe I am a better me when I'm not crazy busy.

We have lived in our house for almost 3 years. I got rid of a bunch before we moved but as we have lived here I feel like a big purge is necessary. We have toooo much stuff. I am going to go room by room and get rid of anything I don't need, use or LOVE!!!

I am tackling the office today. It is room that has never truly gotten finished and where everything that doesn't have a home winds up. I want to reclaim this space as a place for work. The decor need to be pared down and the paperwork organized. Eventually I'd like this room to be painted and "decorated", but organized is the first step. Sooo, here's my plan for today.

Goal #1. A waste basket would be nice in here, don't ya think? The last one cracked so I tossed it and have yet to replace it.

Goal #2 Move Lego and block bins to hall closet... which means the dreaded picture box (we are talking BIG box! It is ridiculous!) must be gone through and organized. I will get to that job, in the mean time the picture box will sit quietly in the corner of the living room.

Goal #3 Clean off desk and create a place for kids to put school work that need to be worked on.

Goal #4 Clean out file drawer and side drawer, then reorganized these spaces.

Goal #5 Children's books. I have them all in a big basket and I MUST get rid of some more. I have done this 3 times already, I love them all too much.

Goal #6 Pare down clutter, this room has way too many nicknacks.

Goal #7  Need to order storage boxes for huge box of Cd's.

Goal #8 Get my people to go through their piles I may have created during this process.

Goal #9 Move piano to the shop. Takes up too much space and no longer has a little girl to play it. (will wait till spring)

Goal #10 Final touches!!

So here goes!!

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