Tuesday, February 21, 2012

MIA and a recap

I haven't been posting in a long while, sometimes I feel like I get too personal and it makes me feel uncomfortable, maybe embarrassed that the real me is showing. Sometimes, I feel like I come across as though I think I have all the answers when I soooo do not. I just write about me... feeling my way through, learning and making mistakes all the while. I enjoy my blog... and I do it for me, which is good because no one else is reading it! (Except you honey, thank you for being my fan!) I just write to sort out how I feel and what I think. After much thought and some panic I have decided to continue. If the real me comes out I guess I have to deal with that.

I think blogging lets you be a tourist in your own life. It can make you see the little moments in your life as worthy as the big ones.

Here's a picture recap of what's been happening around here, big moments and little ones alike. They all make a life worth living.

We celebrated Maddie's 11th birthday in Disneyland. How's that for a BIG moment! We had amazing weather, maybe that is where I caught the "spring" bug?

Superbowl was complete with delicious food and a game of flag football.

Asian hot wings from Pioneer Woman... Amazingly delicious!!

I got some gorgeous flowers from my sweet Valentine.


We went to Conner's school auction. They didn't actually wear the hats, but had a great time being silly trying different accents. I love those goofy kids!!

I "won" this cool canvas. It was the 7th grade project and I am in love with it!

Had a little girl home sick. Which meant lots of homework catch up. She is, thankfully, such a responsible student and a hard little worker! 

We made a few trips to the book store for the boy who can't stop reading!! Can you believe he got a new book on Friday afternoon and was done Monday morning!?

We all did facials.. yes, ALL of us! Complete with spa music and cucumbers on the eyes! Yes, even my husband isn't he the greatest?!

I gave pedicures...

We played games...

I moved all the games to an open bookcase in the family room....wish I had done it long ago, they are played so much more now.

We pretended it was summer and bought a watermelon...

Conner did some school fundraising...

We worked on a cool science project...

We had Valentine's parties, a quick trip to the lake, basketball games, dinner out with friends and all those wonderful ordinary moments in between. 

in your appreciation
of the so-called
little things.
~Robert Holden~

The little things are my favorite things. Like cozy, lazy days around the house to read or play with Lego's, trips to the grocery store with my kids, and just enjoying the natural rhythm of life inside our family. Noticing and appreciating the little things makes a big difference. 

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