Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Family room tour

Ok, so I know I said I was going to do WIWW today. However with a certain boy turning 13 on Friday... (holy smokes, wait a sec while I watch my life pass me by, dab away the tear, ok. I'm good.)  And a certain girl with early release this week and getting read to make a trip to Seattle for Spring break. I never found time to figure out how in the heck I'm suppose to do it.... So maybe after spring break. Besides I am so tired of my clothes, I need Spring clothes already!! :)

In the mean time, this will have to do!

Another one of my favorite rooms in our house is our family room/TV room/multi purpose room. It is cozy. My photography skills need some work. I got a new camera for Christmas and am still learning. Practicing and trying to find some spare time to watch the DVD that came with my camera.
Also none of my rooms are perfect, they are works in progress. We have been here almost 3 years and I am still working on making it ours. It's funny we were in our old house 10 years and it was just how I wanted it when we decided to move. However, I think I would be changing everything if we had stayed there. I think we are forever making our houses our home.

We have the games out right where we are reminded to play them. We end up right there on the floor in front of my sweet Great Uncle John's old radio. He lived on a peach orchard and I loved visiting him in the summer to pick peaches and run through the orchard with my brother.
Uncle John always had circus peanuts and orange slice candy. Funny the little things you remember the most.

Doyle's favorite spot is right in front of the fireplace. Cozy dog.
My Grandfather was a farmer, wheat and peas. I always have wheat in the pitcher, it reminds me of my childhood, riding in the combine with my grandpa. The Thomas Kincaid farm print above the fireplace was from my Grandmother's house. I want to climb right in to this scene, I have always kinda wished I was a cowgirl! :)

A few little spots...

horse needle point from my Grandma's house

keys for locking up kids that don't do their homework, or sassy ones... I'm kidding.  ;)

The quote...
That Abe was a wise man. There is a new movie coming out that says he was a vampire.... no body is perfect, right?

A poem written by my Great Grandmother, the words to a song that was sung at my grandparents funerals, and a little lamp sent to Conner when he was born from my brother in Denmark.

There you have it! My family room. Thanks for stopping by! ~Shelby

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