Thursday, March 22, 2012

These are the days...

 Homemade Pancake sausage on a stick, Pioneer Woman is gonna make me fat, ok... fatt ER!

Smiles for a finished book report,

Sunshine, a loved pup, and a happy boy,

 Where I spent most of Sunday reading The Hunger Games, soo good!

Jet Set shellac manicure, I usually go with french, I love this & I think color lasts better, this is 2 weeks out!

 A shamrock shake for an adorable little leprechaun,

Studying for the states and capitals test: With help from the states and capitals rap.

Octodogs, and shells and cheese for a Dad's gone dinner,

 Rain, Rain, Rain.

lazy days to chew on your favorite bone and play with a Lego or two.

Woke to a few inches of snow this morning... think maybe I need some Vitamin D and a tanning appointment to lift my spirits!

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