Thursday, March 15, 2012

These are the Days...

My new chore chart. I saw it in the background of a photo here... mommagetsreal and pinned it! I created my own with a chalk board from  Hobby Lobby, red paint and some ribbon.  The clothes pins have my kiddos names on them so jobs can be swapped.

 The sun shining through my kitchen window and dishes with my new pink dish gloves  In my opinion every momma needs some cute dish gloves!!

Conner's ball stuck on the roof in the snow. A sure sign of spring fever.

I might have a touch of that myself.

A sneak peek at my ALMOST done gallery wall. Hoping to get my honey on a ladder this weekend to finish it for me! (more on it to come!)

My mantel dressed for Spring!! Too bad it's so stinking cold out side... I'd love to be dressed for spring!!

Homework at the kitchen counter while I fix dinner. (I actually HATE homework but it has to be done so I try to enjoy this process as much as humanly possible)

Yummy homemade salad dressing.
The recipe I used can be found here.  It is so delicious!

And a game of hot lava.

Have a happy Thursday!! ~Shelby

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