Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Save your Green!

Onions that is!!

(please ignore the dirty window.. we have had some crazy weather!)

I got this tip years ago on an episode of The Next Food Network Star. 

After you cut the tops off of your green onions place them in a small glass, vase or jar with water and the green part of the onion will grow back. It does grow back rather quickly, this picture was taken about two  days after being cut and you can already see the new green popping out. Freshen up the water every couple days, as it gets murky.


  1. Hi Shelby! That's an awesome tip, thanks!

    And... thanks for the "shout out" in regards to my chore chart too!

    ps I'm in love with those cowboy boots in your header... ;-)

    1. Nicky, Thanks so much for your comment!! My first real comment from a real blogger!! It truly made my day! Hope you stop by again!

      The cowboy boots were my moms when she was little. I have always kinda wished I was a cowgirl!! ;) ~Shelby


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