Thursday, March 29, 2012

These are the Days...

To remember... come on, sing it with me! Here are some beautiful ordinary moments that happened around here this week...

Trip to Coeur d'Alene  for lunch, then Target, Cabela's, and Costco. Madeline consumed 2 Dr. Peppers at lunch... Nobody noticed the waiter refilling her beverage, needless to say she was hilariously silly.

Conner started volunteering at the animal shelter. This is him walking Zipper. I worry about how we (and I mean me) are going to get through this without another dog in the family!

We had the most gorgeous weather on Sunday! Scott and I played hopscotch with the Mads and got some much needed Vitamin D. Finished off the day with a trip for frozen yogurt! (trying to keep that memory alive as it is gloomy and raining buckets right now)

Visited my friend and her new baby. Yes I want another, baby, not kid. ;)

Had a fabulous conference for my girl. Celebrated with dinner and trip to get her a fish. Her reward for her grades. Spike is our new pet. She adores him! :)

 trips to the dentist and NO cavities! Yahoo!!! Me included! :)

Began the Easter/ Spring decorating in spite of our weather. I love Spring, just as much as I love fall, winter and summer in their own time! Here's just a sneak peek.... ;)

Happy Thursday!

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