Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Magnetic Chalkboard Pantry Door

I love how this project turned out. All you need is chalkboard paint, magnetic primer, foam rollers and patience!

I used these products.
Have the store shake them. Mine were settled and so hard to mix. Ask the paint department to give them a good shake to mix up the paint.

Before taking the doors down paint the inside seam with the magnetic paint, one coat of this is fine, you do not need it magnetic and do not need to write in there. This is just for the color when the doors are open.

When this is dry to the touch remove the doors and put them on saw horses or a table, how ever you can make it work. Then you go to town. You will need 3 coats for magnetic primer followed by 3 coats of chalkboard paint. Here is where the patience comes in. The coats must dry between applications. What I thought I could do in a day actually took me more like 2. You need 30 minutes-ish between coats. It does say on my magnetic primer to not use more than 2 coats of any top coat, in my case this was the chalkboard paint. I used 3. My doors are not super magnetic because of this but holds most magnets and a single piece of paper just fine.

After the doors are painted and dry, put them back up. Now you need to cure the chalkboard. To do this simply coat the entire surface with chalk, the side of a piece of chalk works best, then wipe it off.

To clean it, wipe off chalk a soft rag, or chalkboard eraser. Once and a while I will wipe it down with a damp cloth then wipe it with a damp cloth in a bit of mild detergent. Allow to dry completely before writing on it.

I have found that a cloth diaper (also what I dust with) works best because it does not leave any little fibers behind.

I have my family write down grocery items we need on there and I either add it to my big grocery list or take a quick picture with my phone if I am running to the store for a few things. I have also just added a weekly section. All our appointments are in my phone. (Cozi is a great calendar app.) I write them all on there Sunday night so the whole family can see what's coming up. Sometimes I write quotes or To-Do's on it. I also often have a little artist using it!

I changed out the knob with this cute J from Hobby Lobby. I love their knob section and their half price sales!

The door looked like this before, it was cheap and nothing special~
and after~

Happy Tuesday! ~Shelby


  1. Hi, I've just done a section of wall with the same magnetic primer you used with hte chanlboard paint. I found the surface to be really rough & wondered if the curing you mention helps smooth it out or if this is just how it's meant to be. Thanks.

    1. Hello! Sorry for such a long delay in replying! The curing with chalk prevents leaving the haze from the chalk. It will leave a ghosting I think it is called long after you erase the chalk. I think the rough surface (which I have as well) is from the chalkboard paint not being mixed well enough. I tried to do mine by hand and the next time I use it I would have the store shake it with the shaker. I will post back here if I find that helps!


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