Monday, April 16, 2012

Dining room in progress

Like every other room in my house the dining room is a work in progress.
Besides a few touches it is almost done..

Obviously the chandelier MUST go!! I have been looking, I just am not sure about what I want. I have contemplated spraying the existing one, but honestly the thought terrifies me. so I wait until the perfect solution comes along! ;) I plan on re covering the chairs as well . I'm thinking a black and white? Thinking I want to go bold... why not right?

(My husbands birthday is this month... so the birthday banner is hung.)
The print of Cherry blossoms on the far wall was done by my son, it still needs a black frame. I adore it.

The old violin was my Father in law's, it's in some rough shape!
Treasures and a clock that needs batteries...

Finished above the china cabinet... today, The doll is a vintage Aunt Jemima doll, I<3 her! Scott always asks me if something was passed down from my Great Aunt Jemima.... or my Uncle Ben, or my cousin Little Debbie. He makes me smile. :)

I love how this room looks at night... it glows all warm and cozy. beckons for  glass of wine or cup of coffee


I will be sure to update as I make my improvements!~Shelby


  1. I love it... it's so cozy and pretty! ;-)

  2. This looks lovely-following from TDC-stop on by for a visit!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Claire! I will be sure and visit you as well! ~Shelby :)


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