Monday, April 9, 2012

Easy way to get labels off of bottles and jars

I love to re use bottles and jars. Sometimes though I find it nearly impossible to simply soak off the labels. Here is a trick I use to make those sticky label slide off with ease.

Ammonia, zip lock bag and your bottles or jars.

This couldn't be simpler,  place bottle in bag, pour a small amount of ammonia in and seal. You do not need to soak the bottles. The fumes of the ammonia is what will take the label off. A small splash will do! Let sit for a few hours. Some glue is so strong it may need over night. I set mine in the sink or on my back porch.

Remove bottles from the bag and rinse in warm water. I use my cleaning gloves with this process. The ammonia is powerful! I wouldn't want it to mess up my pretty shellac manicure!! :)

This process couldn't be easier, and leaves zero glue residue.
easy peasy!
Bottles make great vases, here are a few of my favorites...

A tiny, sweet vanilla bottle

A stubby, brown beer bottle.

covered with moss and twine.

I found this great tan and red stuff, (it is like a think trim or ribbon) at Hobby Lobby. It looks great wrapped around a pickle jar and finished with a little twine. {I actually did a set of 3 of these in various sizes for a centerpiece.}
I love a bottle or two! I'll be sure to show you some more great bottle/jar ideas soon! ~ Shelby

***Also use ammonia to easily clean stove burners at   TheVspot . Vivienne has tons of great tips, check her out!

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