Thursday, April 5, 2012

These are the days... and a challenge

Good morning!

I had big plans for getting posts done this week... but I haven't really gotten it together. Having my kiddo's home for Spring break has thrown me off a little.

We made a trip to Seattle to see family, we did paint ball, laser tag, ate way to much, went to the beach and got our baby girl fix! I have 4 great nieces under 4 and I adore them! We miss those sweet little girls like crazy!

No trip is complete with out a stop at Pike Place Market
Flowers for my table...
a crumpet for my little girl

And although I took no new pictures, we always pick up Scallops but they must be from the place that throws fish!

Here is a picture of Conner on our last trip catching a flying fish!

Isn't my bubba the cutest!!  ;)

On another note...

I am totally disgusted with my weight!
So I will be sharing a bit about my quest to get these 20 pounds off, maybe if I share my journey here it will make me more accountable. I am going to challenge myself to get my body back.

My plan is to eat less, eat better, and get my booty to the gym. I am also going to plug my food into the calorie counter on my phone, (I use the calorie counter by FatSecret) and drink more water.

Sounds simple right? I know exactly what I need to do, I just need to do it, and I'm afraid I have hit my breaking point. 20 extra pounds at 5'1 is not a good look.

So here I go! Join me, won't you?

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