Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring finally Sprung!

We have finally seen a few consecutive Spring like days here! And the best news is it looks like it's staying a while! A little rain, but no snow and warmers temps. YAHOO!!!

Kids did homework outside:
above is an example of Conner's "thinking" face also known as his "I'm not really working that hard I just want you to think I am" face. He keeps me on my toes, God love him!

Madeline is much more prepared, The umbrella is to keep the glare off her work, the towel is because grass is itchy. Of course she has juice and snacks in there, one healthy, one not, cuz she is good like that.

We had a funeral service for Spike the Fish. RIP Spike. She brought tears to my eyes. "I will never forget you because you were my very first pet I ever owned that was all my very own." Bless you sweet girl. We then welcomed Walter the fish in to our family.

Momma enjoyed the beautiful sunshine... slider open, barbecuing cheese burgers, the kids running around outside with the dog. 

I found these at Trader Joe's and had to buy them! Aren't they CUTE!!? They look like a sunny day!

This was a must... I had a lime so it felt wrong not to!! ;)

Hope the sun is shining in your world! ~Shelby

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