Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunny Sunday and Front Porch preview

Sunday we had AMAZING weather! This cute girl asked to wash my car.

She apologized on the way to school this morning because it actually looks worse than it did before she started!! She told me to go get a real car wash today and she'd pay for it! Informed me that she just isn't that good at it yet, because she is a beginner!! Sweet girl.  Don't worry I won't let her pay for a car wash.  I don't care one bit, she had fun.

I got started on the front porch over the weekend. I sprayed the urns gray last year , they started out beige. They need a few touch ups after the winter.  As soon as we have some consistent sunshine I will stick some ferns in them.

I made this J last year also. I copied Sarah at Thrifty Chick Decor. I just stuck a cute, little, vintage owl pin into the moss.

I sprayed the bird cage white and think this little corner turned out cute. The chair is super old from my Grandma's house. I love the green and orange so I'm going to run with that color scheme here this year.

I'm on the hunt for some green and orange fabric to recover the pillow and I'm thinking I might spray the bunny ORANGE!

A few ferns here and there on the porch when the time comes and I'm set!

                                                 (look at cute Doyle in the window!)

Happy Monday! ~Shelby

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