Friday, April 13, 2012


Good Friday morning!!

Thought I'd give an update on my quest to get back in shape.

So, I have been hitting the gym like I promised myself. I'm so glad, I just hate it when I let myself down, don't you? Any way I have been getting in some great work outs and just maybe.... I will do the body pump class next week... we'll see!

This quote has been running around in my head~


I'm kinda in some serious like with my new socks...

both my kids want some, so I guess they might be cool! ;) I got some new work out clothes too, Ross and TJ Maxx are great for work out clothes. Going to the gym is easier for me if I am wearing cute work out clothes. No,  I am not the lady next to you that's wearing perfume, and has her hair and make up done at 9am. I brush hair and teeth, grab a small bite get my babies to school and get to it. I get cute after! ;)

I have been OK drinking my water, It's not my favorite thing, lemon and orange slices help. I'm trying.
Yes.. I know I am a killer of the environment! But my kids always seem to take the good water bottles! Maybe I will go get a Momma only water bottle today.

Pandora is my work out buddy, I prefer to go to the gym alone. I go when it works for my schedule and leave when I feel I'm done. I like to follow my own little routine. Chat just slows me down. I like to go with my husband but he doesn't want to chitty chat while he works out either, so we make a good team.

Trader Joe's cut up mango and pineapple is my new love, delish!! And those low fat ginger cat cookies, amazing! Popcorn is my afternoon snack. I need hand to mouth when I hit that 4:00, "seriously it's not bed time or even dinner time yet." It gets me through the homework hour! {I hate homework}

I will say since actually getting exercise into my day, real sweaty exercise, I have more energy in the afternoon. Plus I feel better, and  it makes me a calmer more patient person. Happier too.

Besides the few chocolate Easter eggs I found floating around here that somehow made it into my mouth and a half a bag of those darned cute corn chips I have done quite well food wise. Down 2 lbs!! :) Yay Me!!
*The tasty beverage I had with those chips doesn't count ;)

 I'm off to the home show and lunch with a hot date,don't worry I'm married to him! ;)
Have a fabulous weekend!!~ Shelby

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  1. Congrats on your weight loss, Shelby! I bet it feels good to be back at it again! Hope you and your husband enjoyed your lunch date!


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