Monday, April 2, 2012

Laundry room tour (and some tips)

This is really the room that sold me on this house! My laundry room in our old house was in the guest bath closet. This room is huge. It has so much potential, that I have yet to tap into!! I want new rugs, new paint, (I painted it this yellow and am not in love with it) and bigger art work. Yet another work in progress!

 We did add these wonderful cubbies.

that piece of barn wood next to the door is for a super cool project, details to come!! ;)

Laundry tips:
~I hang up all of my kids clothes minus their shorts,  pj's, socks and underwear. I even hang t shirts. They can see better what they have and the drawers don't look a mess with wrinkled,  unworn clothes.  This has helped my laundry situation so much. I put them on hangers as I fold and they take them down and hang them up. Then they bring their basket up to be filled again. Yes, I remind them to do this... almost every time!

~The baskets are labeled so I know who didn't put their clothes away. OCD? Maybe,... I have one for Scott and I, one for each kid, one for towels and sheets, and one to haul all the loads from the dryer to my spot in the family room where I fold and hang.

~Scott and I have a hamper in our room, mostly to keep my dog from eating my underwear. Too much info? Sorry but true. Anyway, my kids do not have a hamper, we have tried one, didn't work like I wanted it too. They bring their clothes to the laundry room each day. Believe it or not it makes for less dirty clothes on the floor. Yes, I need to remind them but that isn't really any different for anything else. I feel like I am reminding a kid of something all the time!!! You?

~I iron with a spray bottle. Yep, I hate to iron and this totally works. I only iron if it is to sew something, maybe a table cloth and napkins now and then. Here is how it works....

That is my "iron". I take the clothes out of the basket and spray away... hems of shirts and skirts, collars to my sons school shirts and pockets to his school pants. Then I smooth and shake, and hang. No it doesn't come out perfectly starched looking but so what... it is good enough. I have even been known to "iron" my sons shirt while he is wearing it, on our way out the door!!

~I do laundry almost every day and I still never seem to be on top of it, but I do put people to work, swapping from washer to dryer and helping fold while we watch TV. I have a friend that only does laundry on Mondays, all day!!

What's your laundry schedule? What are your tips and tricks for making this never ending chore run smoothly?

So there you have it, my dirty laundry...


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