Thursday, July 19, 2012

For the love of bacon

Good Morning All! I am linking up with Silly Happy Sweet today for Favorite Things Thursday! Here is one of my favorite tips. It is actually from my husband... the bacon lover! ;)

When you fry something (like bacon) you almost always end up with a bunch of messy grease.  I never knew what to do with it,  the garbage was always a mess, and the sink is bad for your pipes. So.. here is how we handle that messy grease from our beloved bacon.

We keep a jar in the freezer, a spaghetti or salsa jar with a lid. After the grease cools a bit we pour the grease in and pop it back in the freezer. When it is full we toss it in the trash. No mess!


  1. Hey great idea! I keep mine in a can under my sink but I ALWAYS fear that it will tip over! Thanks for linking up. :)

    1. Thanks Carolyn! I always have a problem with the smell of it too. So this works great! Have a great weekend!

  2. That is so so smart! Love this idea!


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