Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pantry update!

I showed you my pantry here. When I did this pantry make over I had a hard time finding shelf liner I liked  I finally settled with the red and white checks. I did like it ok but the more I lived with it the more it bothered me. It was way to busy.

I decided to paint and I love how it turned out.

I emptied the pantry and got rid of expired food and moved some things that I no longer wanted in there.

I started by painting the walls WSU Gray... yes that is the actual color. Scott has a "man cave" That is WSU Cougar colors. I used his leftover paint. I chose not to paint the top section because I was afraid it would be too dark. I may go back and do this section when I do the touch up. (I always have touch up after my paint dries!)

I painted each of the shelves white, left over paint from Maddie's room. I couldn't find the saw horses..this worked. ;) The grass is dead from a game we played in that spot.

Then I put it all back together. This seriously took me like 4 hours.
Here is the finished product...

It looks so much cleaner with out the busy red and white checks.

I moved the pasta, rice and dry foods to the top shelf.

to make room for the cereal and breakfast foods down lower

I did some rearranging and got some new jars.

The cereal basket is from Hobby Lobby,  Kuerig basket is from Fred Meyer, all other baskets are from 
Jo Anne's. The black wash tubs that hold my flours and paper plates etc are from the dollar store. Spice packet holder from Jo Anne's. All wire shelves are from Target. Jars are from Target, Goodwill, Garage sales and my garage, I love me some bottles and jars! The cute labels are from the Farm Chicks store that is no longer open. My plan is to use my chalk board vinyl on the ones that do not have labels. Wire baskets on top shelf are from a garage sale about 5 years ago... I knew they would come in handy!

 Here is the before.... cute... but too much for my taste.

and now...

 I totally didn't have time for this project but I'm glad I did it. CHECK! 

Next up is my store room... uhg... one trip to Costco and that place is a mess again... I need some organization/purging/rearranging in there! Good thing those are 3 things I LOVE! ~Shelby


  1. Nice pantry update! I posted about ours recently too! I love your mix of baskets and glass containers.

  2. Thank you! I will have to stop by and look at yours! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Totally jealous you have a big pantry! That is one of my many complaints of this kitchen! WSU colors? Maybe I knew this already, but are you from Washington too?

  4. Yes! I am in Spokane, where are you? My past house had NO pantry so I can understand that complaint!!

    1. I am over on the west side... near Bellingham. :)

  5. Wow it looks great! I love organizing things - I think my pantry is next on the list! You really did a great job - I'm inspired :)

    1. Thanks Ashley! I love to tidy and organize too! have fun in your pantry!


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