Monday, July 9, 2012

HELLO Monday!

Linking up with Lisa Leonard for Hello Monday!

We had lots of pool time this weekend. Friends with pools are the best!

I loved hanging out with little miss Maddie while the boy was at his conditioning camp.

We went for dinner and drinks with my cousin and her husband. It was fun to catch up and this drink was delicious!

I joined my fellow blogger Jodi from Jod a La Mode in the 45 miles in July challenge. Jodi is a cutie! Hop over to her blog and say hi, will you?!! Check out hausofgirls to join the July challenge

 This is my view from my first 3, only 42 to go! I'd better get busy!

I did this on Sunday....

Remember when I told you that red checked stuff was making me crazy!? Well I did it! Bye bye red!
I will show you the finished product tomorrow!

I backed my car in to the RV we just bought. I was in a hurry and forgot it was there.We hadn't even taken it on a trip yet! Scott has been super sweet about it and I feel super horrible! Double whammy, my car and the RV. All I'm seeing is $$$$$$ that we want to and could spend else where. Scott says "These things happen".... I just wish they wouldn't happen to me!

Off to check off some more miles... and do some laundry, and go to my mother in laws pool. 

Happy Monday! Be careful backing up my friends! ;)


  1. Good luck with the 45 mile challenge. I love the view from the first 3 miles. Oh no about the car. I know you automatically think $$$ but you are safe and no one was hurt. Right?

  2. Love your blog! Now following...

  3. visiting from hello monday link up :)
    we've been spending our lots of time at the pool
    this summer as well.
    it is so hot over here, i melt when i step outside!
    i have heard about the walking/running challenge and think its a wonderful way to get motivated to go out and get physical. and 3 miles is better than nothin'! good job :)


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