Friday, July 6, 2012

These are the days

Linking with Life Rearranged for Insta Friday... Showing my week in pictures! To see more follow me on Instagram! I'm shelbyjojo7. My photos wouldn't or didn't?, download to picasa so I did my best to create a collage for ya so this post wasn't a mile long...

Played with some glow sticks... and made some wishes...

Had tons of fun with the sweet little cousins here!  My big boy surprised the little ones by doing the slip and slide.. in his clothes... the response from one... "Hims crazy"   ;)                                                                                                       

Made red, white and blue treats and painted red, white and blue toes. Rocked our shades and swam in the pool, enjoyed some fabulous fireworks.

Maddie created a book report form on the computer and did a book report... this is my kid who doesn't like to read? She amazes me! 

Con got some new shoes, his old ones were falling off of him, how he destroys shoes like that I don't know! He asked me to take this picture in Trader Joe's to send to his dad... His reply was Yikes....  Conner  likes the bright blue because they will get noticed, and he will be the only one that has them... I wish I had that confidence.

No pictures but I had a date with this amazing guy last night! Dinner at PF Chang's then we saw Abe Lincoln Vampire Slayer... yes I love him a lot to go see that one.  Actually, I liked it. Tons of action...I held my breath through half of it. If you can handle violence and blood (they are vampires!) go... it was good. I'd go do anything with that fella though!  almost... anything. ;)

I  have decided I might just not get a post done everyday over the summer. I am having a hard time getting in a post writing groove and my laptop isn't working. Sitting in this dark computer room when I could be having coffee on my porch is bumming me out. Plus this summer is going by way to fast and my summer fun list only has 2 checks!! EEK! I gotta start cranking out the summer fun! I will still post a few times a week, I like to do every day, but, the sunshine beckons! I have noticed my page views have are about halve of my usual the past 2 weeks anyway... I know I'm not finding the time to check out my blog friend every day.

I am off to do my blog house keeping then to a busy weekend swimming, bbqing, drinks with my cousin and a short day trip in our new RV, we gotta test it out! ;)!!

Go enjoy your summer days...except Jane from Lovely Little Loves, you go enjoy your winter days!! ;) I can't tell you how impressed my husband is the I have a follower in Australia!! Check her out people, she's adorable and she lives in Australia! How cool is that!!?

Love you all! Thanks for reading my nonsense! It still amazes me that you all show up! Thanks from the bottom of my heart!! :)


  1. A book report in summer, how awesome! I do love his confidence too. Those blue shoes are very bold but his confidence is inspiring! :)

    1. I'm not sure where she gets it! I'm pretty sure I never did a book report over the summer by choice! Read yes... report on it... no way!

  2. Sounds like fun times! I understand not getting to the blogs as much right now. I think that is the same for everyone. Too much summer fun to have. I am @ziajojo on Instagram. I can't get my phone working at the moment. If you will follow me, then when I get it going, I will see you on there and remember to follow! Thanks! :)

  3. Hahaha...I love the personalised comment. Thanks for that. I WISH that I was enjoying my summer days but just think, when I'm enjoying my summer you'll be warming yourself during winter. It all evens out.

    BTW...I am janel1101 on Instagram.

    Cousin fun is the best. My kids LOVE spending time with theirs. It means that I get to be with my sister or my in-laws and that is a good thing, too.

    1. Love seeing you on Instagram Jane! I am absolutely certain come February first I will be wishing I was in your flip flops!!

  4. Hi :))

    Sounds like a great idea - enjoying coffee on the porch!

    Summer is going by way too fast!!

    Showing up is easy when its coming here - :)

    Have a great day friend!

    1. You are too sweet! Summer is going way too fast, I'm trying to relax on all my haveto's and enjoy!!

  5. Oh that slip and slide makes me want to join in!!


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