Friday, July 20, 2012

These are the days

Happy Friday!! 

  This cutie showed off her muscles...                          this cutie wakes me up in the morning... not too early

                            Maddie gave us both a mani pedi. Sally Hansen instadry is amazing!

 Thrifting with my mom and the kids, with ice cream to end the afternoon. I love me some Goodwill.

Maddie baked a cake... deliciously not good for my waistline!

Weeded the garden and got my first little harvest! 5 green beans, a jalapeno, and onion and some tiny potatoes. Seriously, the backs of my thighs are sore from weeding! Gardening is hard work!

Conner rearranged his room to be by the window one night... and apparently found every blanket in the house to make his "nest"... there is actually a very large, little boy in that bed.

Hung out at friends pool yesterday instead of laundry... or vacuuming up dog hair or buying peanut butter... or doing the dishes in the sink. It was fabulous and I loved every minute of it!

Finished mile 22 of 45! #45milesinjuly challenge. 
I am user name  shelbyjojo7 on instagram... follow me!

Off to do chores I slacked on yesterday! Have a fabulous weekend!! TGIF!!!!!


  1. Hey sweet friend! Looks like a fun week! I am trying to get my insta post up - i keep getting intrupted!

    Um, days by the pool NOT doing chores is a summer must!

    Mmmm, maybe I will make a trip to Goodwill :)

    have a great weekend!

  2. Ooh.... I like that purse you found at Goodwill!

  3. That mani-pedi color is great!

    1. Thanks! It is Mint Sprint, Insta dry by Sally Hansen.

  4. Cute nail polish color and adorable dog!!

    1. Thanks Emily! It is Mint Sprint, Insta dry by Sally Hansen. Doyle is a sweetie! ;)


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