Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Makin' Memories

Last week the kids and I headed to Green bluff to pick cherries and raspberries. We also go each fall  to get pumpkins and apples. We feel so fortunate to live so close to this amazing farming community and love the tradition of going out to support or local growers as well as some fabulous family time.

Scott got stuck at work so the kids and I were alone on this adventure. Would you believe there was no fighting!! ;) It was a fabulous day!

First up was Walter's fruit ranch. The kids came here for field trips to get pumpkins in preschool so it is usually one of our stops. My back window says "wash me please" My daughter writes that on there often. I live down a dirt road so she almost always has the canvas. We did wash the car on the way home! ;)

A tractor ride to the cherry trees is always fun. A spot to sit and cool off with a cup of cool water is a nice touch! :)

Makin' memories!

Next up was Hidden Acres for raspberries. This place is beautiful... I need an afternoon alone for their gift shop and an event to hold in their event space!

I love taking picture of my people walking ahead of me. Yes, my sweet thing is sticking her tongue out in one... she is being silly. It was a perfect day with my kids. I am so thankful  for days like these to connect and enjoy my kiddos!


  1. Hi Shelby!!

    How fun to go raspberry picking - no place here in So. Cal to do that! I can almost taste the respberry cobbler ;)


  2. I too love to take pictures of people walking ahead of me. I once got one of my dad and my daughter walking hand in hand at Disneyland. Great pic I love.
    Raspberries are my weakness! YUM!
    Carolyn http://sillyhappysweet.blogspot.com


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