Monday, July 23, 2012

Hello Monday!

Happy Monday! I'm linking up with Lisa Leonard for Hello Monday!

Hello date night!

Scott and I went to date night at the shooting range. It is one of my favorite dates! It's fun to get out and do something you don't always do. We have a list of new, fun a different dates.. I will share them someday!

 It was all fun and games until I got a shell casing stuck in my protective eye wear, it burned me! I got one down my shirt too. I told Scott I'm wearing a turtleneck next time! ;)

Dinner and a walk along the river then home to watch America's Got Talent (on DVR) with the kiddos.

French onion soup in an onion!       Saw this on our walk, apparently love is ahead. I'm a believer! ;)

Scott joined Doyle and I on our walk Saturday morning... It is so hot Doyle is dragging towards the end. He heads straight for the water dish and then his crate for a nap!

Our good friend were out of town and let us use their pool...

Scott and I watch Contagion Saturday night.. It was good. 

Sunday morning I did my affermation, coffee on the patio. Momma Gets Real recomended the book and I am so thankful! I started at the beginning.. because well, it's a very good place to start. It is fabulous, helps keep me grounded and content. Thanks Nicky! ;)

Scott took Conner and a friend to the movies and Maddie was at a friends so I went back to the pool..
a l o n e!

It was peaceful and calm and gave me some alone time which I have missed having the kids home all day. I have been feeling a little exhausted lately.. the questions, the arguing. This morning I read this post from 
Fried Okra and it brought tears to my eyes. After her reminder, I am feeling more like the mom I want to be and am thankful for happy, healthy, normal summer days. Thankful for the busyness, the noise, the messes and the constant of the household. I urge you to read it!!

Have a fabulous week!! 


  1. Alone time at a pool! I am a bit jealous. :) Oh, and I have always wanted to go to a shooting range.

    1. I hadn't been shooting until last winter and I loved it! Make it your next date night! ;)

  2. That French Onion soup in an onion looks delish. Glad to hear that you got some 'alone' time by the pool. It looks like you are having a fabulous summer break.

    1. Thanks Jane! We are having a fabulous summer! It will be over before we know it, gotta enjoy every minute!!

  3. alone time at the pool. amen! hello monday...i am a new follower too. :-)

    1. Alone time with kids home all day is rare but a must! Thank you for following! I will pop over and follow you as well!


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