Thursday, July 12, 2012

Winning the fight with dog hair...

Good morning all!

Today I am linking up with Silly Happy Sweet for Favorite Things Thursday.

Let me formally introduce you all to Doyle Brunson Johnson. He is named after our favorite poker player. 

He is the sweetest, most well behaved Golden Retriever around. He just so happens to be one the hairiest. I have always said that if you have a dog that you allow to live in your house as part of your family you must lower your standards. And I have believe me,  I vacuum the carpet a couple times a week and get an insaine amount of hair every time. Recently I have been feeling like I couldn't keep up with all the hair pooling under the table and in corners on the hard woods... so gross!!! My lifesaver... and maybe his too....... ;)

 The Swiffer SweeperVac My new BFF...

I love all swiffers products but this is by far my favorite! It picks up dog hair, crumbs and what ever other kind of chunks are laying around on your floor... instead of just pushing it into a pile. It is only $25-$30 bucks at Target, and worth every penny. It uses the swiffer dry cloths, that I think work great for dust and dirt. They sell replacement filters but I have just cleaned mine really well after each use and it has held up well so far.

 It works like a charm, saves my sanity and makes me love my lovable pup even more!

Swiffer didn't pay me to say this... I wish they did, but... I endorse them free of charge!

 I am feeling better today... sometimes just letting it out there and finding you are not alone helps! Thanks for the kind words! Love you all! ~Shelby


  1. Shelby--I laughed out loud at your dog's name. My husband will get a kick out of hearing his name! I have a yellow lab and I completely agree about lowering your standards when it comes to your house. I have been pondering the hardwood floor cleaners they sell next to the vacuum cleaners @ Target but they're $150! I like your idea a whole lot better.
    Thanks so much for linking up. I hope you'll come again!

    1. I use the wet swiffer but have thought about one of those to really get my hardwoods clean. But they are spendy. I will link up again next week for sure!

  2. Your dog looks adorable! I like dogs but I don't like to have one...just because I know I wouldn't be able to take care of them. One naughty girl is enough and thats it! lol! I love swiffers too but I haven't tried this one with a vacuum. I'd definitely check this one out since my hubby threw away the old one. It just makes it so easy to clean the kitchen and the bathroom floors. Btw, does the vacuum works on carpet floors too?

    1. Hello! He is a lot of work but we love him! I does not work on the carpet, I don't think it's strong enough. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hey girl!

    I love that you named your dog after a poker player! That's so something we would do. ;-) LOL

    I read your previous post too... hang in there. A good friend once told me, "you ain't stuck till you stop." ;-)


    1. Thanks Nicky! That is so true.. I'm not stoppin so I ain't stuck! I ordered you Joel Osteen book too!

      My husband loves poker and Doyle is my favorite! He's a good old boy! ;)

  4. My dog doesn't shed all that much, but I like the look of this tool nevertheless. Whatever makes cleaning quicker is good in my books. And no nasty chemicals needed.


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