Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Highlights!

I feel a little like my post from yesterday sounded like a bit of a pity party. I try to be as honest on here as possible with out being a downer. I think that is so unattractive, I have so much to be thankful for and want to focus on those things. So today I will share some of my Christmas highlights. This season is one of my favorite times, time to reflect on the moments that made me smile.

Friday was spent with many dear friends and I took ZERO pictures! Bummer! Girls brunch, cousins and friends stopping by with gifts, then off to some friends for some delicious snacks and Christmas cheer.

Christmas Eve started with a special breakfast gift from Murray. These cute little donuts were so fun! I think Murray got the idea from Pinterest, or the North Pole, not sure which! ;)

(Powdered donettes, candy corn noses and chocolate chip eyes)

After breakfast we snuggled up by the fire to watch Gold Rush Alaska, we love that show. DVR is one of my favorite inventions. It was a super cozy start to our day full of preparations for Christmas Eve.

Conner and Doyle all snuggled up!

Christmas Eve was topped off by a surprise visit from Santa! It put such joy on every ones faces, young and old!

Scott and our surprise guest

After the party was over and house back to normal for round two, we let the kids open a present. Electric blankets for them both. I loved the cozy, quiet, by the light of the tree; just the 4 of us (and Doyle the Dog). The kids went to bed all warm and toasty to await Santa.

ready to tear in to those presents

He came!!! My almost 11 year old little cutie woke us with the delight every child should have on Christmas morning. Santa was so good to us!! We must have been very good this year!

Doyle was pretty good too. Luckily Santa left all his gifts before he ate all the beef stick off the kitchen counter.

Best husband in the world got me a camera. I have been using my phone for all my pictures. I am giddy with excitement!! Can't wait to start snapping photos!

BACON!!!! We split a pig with our neighbor last year. The bacon was divine, it was also long gone. Nothing you can buy compares to the flavor or texture of this bacon. Our sweet neighbor gave us her last package. That is love. We devoured it along with hot, yummy cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning.

The afternoon on Christmas day we were surrounded by ones we love. Blessed.

I usually take my decorations down the day after Christmas. I enjoy them all month long and for me when it's over, it's over. This year though my heart is asking me to leave them up a few days. Soak it all in and sit back and enjoy them. Tomorrow, I have decided they will all say goodbye till another year has past and I will be delighted to see them all again. But for now, I will relax and bask in the beauty of the lights and all the treasures I only get to see once a year.

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