Thursday, December 15, 2011

More to be Thankful for.

Tonight I did this to my garage door....
It actually looks way better now that it is down. my door was open, I got in to pick Maddie up at her friends house and pushed my opener in the car only to end up closing it!!! Started backing out and WHAM! Couldn't open it or close it or get my car out. Not to mention I am sicker than a dog! Poor me!

I know I said this post was about more to be thankful for, and it is. Maddie's friends dad closed my door and somehow maneuvered my car into the bay next to mine. Thankful for good friends.

My husband who has been hearing all this drama via text message was sweeter than sweet. I know many men that would have gotten, upset, mad or made their wives feel stupid. He did none of those. Thankful for his love, patience,understanding and kindness. I am blessed to call him mine.

My kiddos made their own dinner, microwaved corn dogs baby!!

No, not my finest moment or at all how this evening was to play out, but I will rest, medicate and feel better tomorrow. Someone will come fix that darn door, and we can afford to pay for it. I will still have the things most dear to me. My family and my friends, that are there for me for better or worse. My only regret is the 25 cents I have to put in the swear jar.

So, yes,  I am thankful. Because even when things are bad.. we still have so much good.

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