Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday!!!

How did it get to Thursday already! This week has flown by! I have so much to be thankful for this week I had a hard time narrowing it down to 5! Here goes.....

#1. First off is this little boy..

He started a new school on Wednesday. He had his observation day on Monday and loved it! Tuesday he went to his old school, turned in his assignments (no way we weren't going to get credit for those 60 vocab words we have been working on!) and then took it upon himself to tell them all he would not be back.. his transfer starts tomorrow! The plan was for him to finish out the week and start after break! After I panicked a little I called his new school and he started his official first day on Wednesday! I am soooo happy for him. He has moved from a huge middle school to a small private school and I know the atmosphere and size will be such a huge benefit to him! Here's to my sweet Bubba's time to shine!!!

#2. I had these 4 making cookies in my kitchen on Sunday. I loved it, mess and all!!
Scott, Conner, My Dad and Maddie. Chocolate chip for Scott and Mads. Snowy date bars for Boppo (aka; my Dad) and Conner. Fun memories!

#3. Lego's!!!!
The big Lego bin had been put away for a while. Conner thought he was done with them. I knew better... he's still a kid even if he doesn't think so sometimes! Last week I took the liberty of bringing them back out. To my family room.... It's nuts, they would have drove me crazy out there before, I'd have seen a mess I need to solve, but now I love them right in the middle of our lives. Funny how our perspective can change everything .

I love to hear the kids chat while they play, love that they are so entertained by something that doesn't plug in, make noise or light up. Good old fashioned fun!

#4. My family room. Lego's included, it is so cozy this time of year! I love using the fire place and snuggling up safe and warm.
With our Christmas books sitting close by, we have 46 of them! From chunky board books when the kids were babies to beautiful hardback books I still love them all!
We have 8 trees this year... some are tiny but I think they add to the warmth and festiveness!

This room is where we spend a bunch of our time, it is cozy and full of the sounds of our life!!

#5. The conservatory in Manito Park. They transform it at Christmas time!

Holy cow! This place is gorgeous!! Billions of lights and flowers!

Cool Christmassy (that word is in the Shelbinary, honest) colored plant.

Loving the speckled poinsettia!

Winter Rose Red Poinsettias.

It feels magical in there!

It is an amazing, lighted winter wonderland!!

So, that's all folks. I am so looking forward to the kids being out of school for Christmas break! We have some fun stuff planned and some just chillaxin will be welcomed with open arms!

Enjoy all the beauty, love and warm fuzzy feelings this time of year oozes with! ~S

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