Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Tree French Toast

  I love cute food! Even though my kiddo's are 10 and 12. I still make fun food every once and a while. I can't remember a St. Patricks day I didn't make green eggs and ham for breakfast. My son has put a stop to sandwiches cut like hearts or shamrocks in his lunch, but at home he still thinks it's fun. He'd never admit that by the way.
 Christmas Tree French Toast is an idea I got YEARS ago from a Taste of Home magazine. It is so easy and cuter than cute!

Christmas Tree French Toast

  • bread
  • eggs and milk whisked together. I add fresh ground nutmeg, cinnamon, touch of sugar and vanilla. There are no measurements for my french toast, I just eyeball it.
  • to egg mixture add green food coloring to desired color, 6-7 drops.
  • Fry french toast as usual.
  • Slice diagonally so you have 2 triangles.
  • Stack and add a sausage link trunk. I have also used little smokies for trunks.
  • Sprinkle with powdered sugar "snow"
  • I used red hots as ornaments but to make it just a winter tree you can omit these.
Fun, festive, easy and delicious! Enjoy!

Almost forget to check in on Family time!! We played games, Candy Land is still one of Maddie's favorites because some how she always wins, that and Sorry!, the boys played Stratego quite a few times. We also made an effort to read some of our Christmas books (I love my Christmas book collection!) We watched our family shows, as well as Polar Express. Nothing spectacular, just together time. Going to try and throw something new, fun and different into the mix next week!!!

Have a wonderful weekend! ~S

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