Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I love Thankful Thursday! All week I have been finding myself focusing more on my blessing.

Here goes!!

#1. I had a Starbucks date after school with this little cutie. She is growing into such an amazing little person. She makes me smile!

#2. As I was picking up my Snap fish order at Walmart, I saw these socks. I love them. They make me happy and I am going to buy some more cute socks to wear under my boots! Aren't they the cutest? Maddie says I look like Santa's helper! (You can see my "no room for the blues" polish peeking through on my toes!!)

#3. I love this time of year. I would love to get some snow, however the frost in the mornings is gorgeous! The deck of our master looked like this when I got up. Isn't it an amazing sight? It reminds me of Fantasia, where the little fairies fly around making the seasons change!

#4. At the Grocery store I saw this! Oh my gosh! I love it and am so impressed! It is made entirely out of Pepsi product half racks! I think he is adorable.

#5. My hubby brought me a cup of coffee in bed on Sunday, accompanied by a yummy candy cane cookie. Yeah, I'm pretty blessed. He's a keeper!!

So there you have it... They are big things and little things and some in between. I think that's how it should be. When we notice, appreciate and give thanks for the little pleasures along with the big ones, our lives become richer.
Take a look at the world around you. What makes you smile? What makes your heart swell? What do you see, hear, touch or taste that makes you feel happy? Acknowledge them. You will feel lighter because you do!


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