Thursday, December 29, 2011

These are the Days...

Thursday again! I am feeling a bit out of sorts for various reasons. Remembering to be thankful always helps my funk!!

#1. My new camera! I am a picture taking fool and I LOVE it!! Doyle is my favorite subject, he never objects and doesn't tire of me!

#2 Popcorn and M&M's with my  kiddos. We watched Mr. Popper's Penguin's and it was adorable! The penguins made us laugh and there was a sweet message about family. Highly recommend!

#3. This crazy kid. He sure keeps things interesting around here. Do you think he knows that SNOW means it's cold outside?

#4. This silly little one. She is so stinking cute I can hardly stand it! Now if only we could get her to not sing at the top of her lungs to only music she can hear!! I will miss that someday, right?

#5. The calm after the storm. I am happiest at home, not a home body necessarily, I just like the quiet comfort of being at home with my family. I love my extended family and all of our great friends but am so thankful for the relaxing, quiet days after all my holiday social-ness. I think I always feel a little anti-social after the holidays are through. These blissful mornings hit the spot!

perfect coziness, just us.

#6. (just because I need the added pick me up!) Murray said good bye today. He wrapped little gifts for the kids and left a sweet note. He has been so much fun. While some days he "forgot" to move.  He made the kids smile and was a gentle reminder to my kids that even though they are getting  older, you are never too old  to believe, never to old to have fun and never to old to be silly.

#7. The Christmas ornament tradition. Every year we add to the collection. I treasure them all!

the ones made by little hands are extra special to me.

#8. I know... I can't stop!! Christmas all put away! I LOVE it when it is all down and my house looks so clean, fresh and tidy. AHH... It is the perfect time to do a mini make-over too. Nothing major just moving stuff around and welcoming some "new" accessories to my house.

So I'm awfully thankful this week. I'm also starting to think about all the wonderful things the new year will bring. 

What are you wanting in the new year? Who do you want to become? Is there something you are doing that isn't working for you? Get started!!!

Why wait till January!? Create your life today!  ~S

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