Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Glass-half-full kind of day!

It was one of those nights at our house! While hauling in our Costco purchases, the syrup fell off the washing machine in the laundry room. Yes that is 2 full gallons of syrup.
this picture is after much of the sticky goo was cleaned up.

It was one of the biggest messes I've ever seen..... and then we all fought. Yep, we laughed and cleaned it up like a perfect little family and then.... bam! We are yelling at boy, boy is yelling at us, girl is yelling at boy, and on it goes.

But I've realized the fact that we all lost our cool while cleaning up spilled syrup isn't whats matters. What is matters is what we did after. We talked. We hugged, my sweet hubby read a Christmas book to us by the tree, we finished our night on a good note. We all went to bed knowing we love each other and we belong together, no matter how crazy our life is sometimes.We ended with a better understanding of how to handle life's sticky situations (couldn't resist!) in the future.

We will handle situations wrong again, all of us, but what's important is that we come back to the big picture. That we look at our life's glass-as-half-full instead of half-empty. No, our life isn't perfect but it's still a good life.

When life seems to be a bit more half-empty than half-full, try to turn it around and focus on the good. It isn't always easy but there is always a silver lining. If nothing more than "at least it didn't spill on the carpet." That is a start. If you can find one thing to see in a better light, it gets easier. I'm trying to make it a habit. Do I always? No. When I had syrup all of my floor and everyone yelling was I seeing my world through rose colored glasses, absolutely not. But I'm working on it. I know my life is so much richer when I do. I could still be beating myself up today over my mistakes from last nights, I've done that many times!!! That is wasted energy. You live, you learn, you mess up, you decide you are going to see things in a different way, you put a smile on your face and a hug in your heart and you plug along.

I have a busy day getting ready for Christmas festivities!!! Every situation I encounter may not go as I planned but I know I'm going to make it glass-half-full kind of day!

Hope you do too. Arby's and I recommend it!! ~S

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