Friday, December 16, 2011

The count down begins

Are you ready!! Doesn't our little advent tree look festive!? That's because it's almost full! This is all that's left to put on...
Honestly my favorite part of Christmas is the entire month of December. Decorating, planning, shopping and baking. I love the coziness of the house and the camaraderie that surrounds. People seem kinder, gentler and seem in better spirits. (Except those that just complain all season, I don't pay them any mind!) I love the weeks that lead up to the BIG day. I try to make sure I'm ready so all I have left to do is sit back and enjoy.

Murray the Elf ( Murray Christmas, get it!!?) has been busy at our house. I completely ran out of syrup, thank goodness Murray picked some up on his way back from the big guys place. Love Mrs. Butter-Worth's Christmas outfit!
Today he left a pop tart press...

 We rushed out  after school yesterday to finish teacher gifts. Today is the last day before break. YAHOO!!
Cute glass jars, simple homemade tags, twine and Muddy Buddies. Muddy Buddies are super easy, on the back of the Chex box. If I wasn't feeling so pitiful I would have remembered to add holiday m&m's to the mix. Looks more festive, oh well, it's not perfect, but close enough right!?

My Family Friday report consists of lots of Lego's (I'm the chief piece finder in our house!), Chex Mix and Muddy Buddies. A trip to the toy store, the kiddo's spend half of their allowance on Toy for Tots. What ever they earn we match, and it gets donated. They bought Thanksgiving dinner in November. Keeps them humble. Madeline got a barbie and Conner got Lego's. It makes me smile to think of a child who would otherwise go with out, opening a gift my child carefully picked out for them. Scott and I threw some treasures in the bin as well, a football, some card games and a airplane. Warms my heart.  

So my garage door repair man is here. I am feeling a little better, and will plow through my day. I'm dressed, and polished, that always makes me feel better. Filling up on So Be life water, and Emergen-C.

Off to enjoy lunch with my hubby and a great big house tidy. Enjoy the Friday!!

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